Brief History

Innovative technical equipment applied to sporting competitions is not new – its ancient, although, it wasn’t until early 2000’s that the sports industry began implementing digital infrastructure to optimize the quantified athlete, offer deeper brand analytics, and adopt systems to enrich the fan experience. Technologies protect athletes, empower diverse rights holders, and influence happier fans – smarter technologies and innovative methods are now critical must-have’s for sporting cultures worldwide.   

In 2012, two sports innovators sat down for lunch to discuss all things sports technologies. They agreed that helping others navigate the chaotic marketplace and prepare innovators for the challenges ahead was a noble cause. Soon they merged their social media efforts  and by 2015 began the association’s outreach to help municipalities, leagues and federations, teams and innovators – successfully harness the emerging sector.

Global Philosophy

Technologies and innovations enrich fan experiences, protect athletes, and fuel corporate investments. Sporting cultures who embrace technologies faster and apply more accurately – will win. 

Principles For Growth

  • Tech-Ready Organizational Structures
  • Sports Innovation Fundamentals
  • Best Practice Technology Standards
  • Investment & Economic Impacts  

Keys For Success

  • Build Collaboration & Networks
  • Partner with Accelerators & Incubators
  • Offer Services That Lower Barriers 
  • Run Effective Marketplace Programs    

Lead The Race With Us

By partnering with the sports industry’s leading global trade association, you’ll influence the connections between entrepreneur-led economic development and attractive sports assets. Future scientific, medical, and engineering advances will be funneled into sports investment hubs. We help our partners capitalize on economic, social, and technical leadership to capitalize on sports innovation.