Board News

The association offers partners access to four well-defined boards giving commercial vendors, teams and leagues, as well as, education institutes, trade offices, and municipalities a voice. Here you will find news specific to our internal board, committee activities, and events.   

Board Partners

We are one of the largest most diverse sports technology industry groups in the world with expertise from a dozen sports and a half dozen countries. What seemed like a niche sector just five years ago is no longer bespoke with major broadcast networks, global event organizers, and the largest consumer conferences leaning into sports technologies. 

Consider joining a board as a co-op partner as we tackle issues with political, social, and economic considerations effecting the full scope of technologies applied to sport – including investments that fuel sports innovation communities.  

Enjoy Benefits & Privileges

Incentives & Dividends

Partners use our network to build business opportunities and are rewarded with various bonus and dividends from quarterly profits in a co-op agreement.   

Global Recognition

A globalized think tank offering programs and services to nations, states, and ecosystems. There is no better way to build a sports leadership reputation.    

Conference Travel

Discounts to the world’s most prestigious technology events, approved travel reimbursement, and an all-inclusive economic forum for select partners.  

Martin Schlegel

International Trade Advisor

Dr. Schlegel is a pioneer in materials science and an experienced international trade representative. Martin has been working with the International Sports Technology Association for more than four years. He has been beneficial in the development of sports technology focused economic development initiatives. 

Join him and others to impact the world.