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Due to our talented ecosystem of partners, we offer market intelligence, product analysis, economic development guides, trade mission planning and management, and innovation best practice guides. Find out what our network and programs can do to help influence your strategies by contacting us. 



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We partner with the world’s leading experts to help brands or communities harness the financial returns created from innovation and technologies in sport. 

Our trade, investment, and innovation partners offer programs and services in a consultative style to overcome industry challenges. We create strategies that work. Together, we offer growth opportunities for ready-to-scale startups, sports accelerators, and municipalities interested in ecosystem development. 

  • Tax, Banking, & Legal
  • Entrepreneur-led Economic Policies
  • Financial & Investment Strategies
  • Market Research & Reporting

Our trade association has evolved with current market trends and innovation cycles. After decades of experience, we know the sector better than anyone else. We offer our network resources to help you succeed in transforming traditional sports into a valuable digital sports asset.