Global Trade & Economic Development

We provide unique services from our talented ecosystem of partners to include market intelligence, faculty researchers, economic development, trade mission strategies, and innovation best practices. Global accelerator mentors and savvy investors also reside within our network to advise our programs and services. 

Let our network and programs help guide your strategies.   





We work with the worlds leading partners and experts to help your people harness the financial returns provided by innovation and technology in sport. 

Our partners and corporate sponsors help us offer programs, services, and sales leads in a consultative style to highlight industry challenges and solutions that work. Together, we create growth opportunities for young startups – innovation hubs or business friendly nations. 

  • Tax, Banking, & Legal
  • Entrepreneur-led Economic Policies
  • Financial & Investment Strategies
  • Market Research & Reporting

The trade association has evolved with current market trends and innovation cycles. After decades of experience, we know the sector better than anyone else. We offer our network resources to help you succeed in transforming traditional sports into a valuable digital culture.