Global Virtual Meetings


Crossing oceans, scaling mountains, and flying between continents will not always create valuable business outcomes. Breaking down barriers between sports or cultures makes global scaling difficult. We offer our global trade services to find the market relationships you deserve – before you board your plane.  

MarketConnect is a fee-based program for innovative companies ready-to-scale or already proven in sport. Our innovators have often completed accelerator programs and need access to valuable networks. Selected companies receive a three dimension [3D] buyer focused review to score: technology readiness, business maturity, and market position.  

Any company can apply but not every company will be selected. 

Upcoming Events


World Sports Technology Economic Summit 2025

6:00 pm - 7:00 pmFour Star Resort [TBD]

SEICon – Las Vegas, NV

8:00 am - 5:00 pmVirgin Hotel, Las Vegas

We accelerate where others see challenges. A custom virtual sales event offers new opportunities to prequalify and pitch products to targeted industry experts in your choice of geographic or sports market.   

Our unique program solves two problems in the marketplace.

#1 – Qualified buyers simply can’t digest market hype or noise. Buyers need discrete innovation channels where they can hear objections or questions posed by peers. We moderate our virtual events as an innovation focus group with a roundtable style to encourage deep discussion.

#2 – Both sides demand trusted confidential conversations. We conduct our virtual events in a double-blind setting with a minimum of five buyers. Sellers enjoy hyper targeted sales pitches and buyers enjoy moderated peer driven evaluations.    

How To Participate?

Due to our limited once a quarter event capabilities, we can only accommodate five companies over a year period. We will review your application before we respond, if your provided targets are not something we can help you with – we will inform you. 

Buyer participation is by invite only.