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We are powered by various types of partnerships and industry experts. Our organizational structure allows for board sponsorships which are thoughtfully structured for strategic impact with consideration regarding neutral and honest relationships; sport relies heavily on old fashion trust.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a non-profit?

No, our trade activities are for-profit. However, we have plans to spin-off our education institute as a not-for-profit subsidiary of the association. US-based for-profit organizations are not limited by federal tax or legal restrictions pertaining to the allocation of profits. Non-profits are restricted in how they can acquire and utilize funds.

ISTA shares revenues with its individual board partners in a co-op agreement, similar to a limited duration partnership model, and also delivers profits to its stakeholders.   

How do you create programs or services?

We do not launch programs without partner support. This means that we develop programs and pitch programs to our internal boards or corporate sponsors. All pitches include a financial model while program activation clearly benefits stakeholders who support programs. 

Internal boards are also free to develop their own programs with our partners while utilizing our network. We are merely a vessel for global growth and prosperity – for selected partners. 

Do you work with conference organizers?

We offer conference organizers two types of relationships, but only if the relationship benefits our boards or our partners. Event marketers may list their event on our association calendar for free  -or they can form a stronger relationship as formal event partners with deeper access to our network. 

We prefer sports industry focused events – but will consider any event interested in attracting innovation and technology voices from within sport. Ask us!


Expansion Partners

We are seeking global Centers of Sports Innovation. Our executive team is interested in landing pad creation for global trade initiatives.  ISTA’s expansion efforts create the definitive network for sports districts, entertainment zones, or innovation hubs around the world. Preferred expansion partners consist of economic development offices or industry trade offices alongside traditional sports asset. However, we are equipped to engage with private commercial interests too. 

Ask about our Emerging Market Development Program.

Corporate Sponsorships

We have recently begun inviting select corporate brands to join discrete discussions about our global network and share how we partner with product strategies by connecting with various sports segments. Our corporate sponsors have access to programs and boards in ways that will absolutely benefit their growth strategies.  Consider a different marketing approach to put your brand or services in front for the world.

Our preferred global sponsors are business-to-business infrastructure, legal, or financial companies offering a benefit to our vendors, suppliers, teams, and leagues. 

  • Official Legal Partner
  • Official Tax Partner
  • Official Cloud Partner 
  • Official Data Partner

Membership Organizations

We encourage all sports membership-based associations, sports federations, leagues or teams to reach out for partnership discussions. Our mission is not to distract your membership, but to empower your organization’s leaders to embrace data, software, devices, medicine and engineering for the betterment of sport. 

We are always interested in building cross-culture cross-sport programs. Contact us!

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We are open on Monday – Friday at 9am and 5pm[US, East Coast] except on holidays.

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