Martin Schlegel, PhD

Martin Schlegel, PhD

International Trade Advisor

Mr. Schlegel works alongside trade networks focused on sports media, sports technologies, and esports to propel international trade & collaboration.  He is recognized and honored as a Distinguished Advisor. 


Schlegel has 25 years international experience in the sports and recreation industry across novel materials, technology and R&D commercialisation. He is Principal of a bespoke consulting business providing advice and technical expertise to communities, companies and stakeholders in the sport technology and sports business industries across Australasia, Europe and the USA.

As a Distinguished Advisor, he consults with ISTA’s various boards while also holding a Director role at the Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN). His work focuses on start-up programs, global partnerships with other clusters of innovation and facilitating export growth of sports technology companies.

He previously worked on major sports infrastructure projects across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the USA, including sports surfacing projects for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Prior to his engagement in Australasia, Martin worked in various positions in the USA including management positions in business information technology, quality management engineering and business M&A.

Work Allocation

International Strategies75%
Trade Investments20%
Lecturing & Teaching5%