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We don’t just work with startups and innovators to provide better opportunities, we guide economic development strategies and link sports assets with workforce investments. Its our mission to lead both business and careers in a sector we’re passionate about – dare to lead with us?

Our Work

We are the global trade association focused on stability and growth for sports communities around the world. 

When you work with us you are joining the largest sports-based technology association in the world. Partners expand their network to include governments, universities, accelerators, infrastructure providers, and global professional services, dedicated to shaping new paths for success. Lets harness technology, together. 

Education Services

For the benefit and recognition of technology careers in sports

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International Hubs

Uniting the worlds ecosystems to standardize and grow

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Workforce Skills

Helping sports assets grow with high-tech talent 

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Economic Investments

Driving technology investments into sports

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Learn about our mission and purpose.

Trade & Market Development

Hyper focused on economic development initiatives that add excitement for technology and innovation in sport.

Program & Services Development

Tireless advocates for technical products and innovative methods impacting the sports business.

Sports Innovation & Investment

Passionate sports communities need financial resources to adopt and grow innovations.

Now Accepting Partner Interests

Our global leadership boards consist of appointed or elected professionals with limited duration consulting partner roles. Our programs benefit clients and local economies while our prestigious network attracts corporate sponsors.

Upcoming Events


World Sports Technology Economic Summit 2025

6:00 pm - 7:00 pmFour Star Resort [TBD]

SEICon – Las Vegas, NV

8:00 am - 5:00 pmVirgin Hotel, Las Vegas

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