Q1 2023 MarketConnect Closes With Modest Success

Every quarter we try to squeeze in a little low cost help for innovators trying to reach their dream customers, mostly for international companies seeking entry in to the US. Afterall, that was the reason we launched the MarketConnect program. Our innovative program is on its second year and sees just four or five companies every year. Each company is taken under the wing of our Innovation Board, currently led by Brain Shield CTO, at MLB’s Red Sox. We get to know the company over a few virtual calls, then the big day – their custom private pitch event to a small group of potential buyers. Its a unique format!!

2022 Q4’s virtual pitch meeting was a little more difficult for us, sourcing all the targeted leads requested by the unnamed company was a challenge, so we drifted into the first quarter. This caused us to realign the group of busy participants. It was challenging syncing schedules but the event attracted MLS, NFL, MLB, and an NGB decision makers. We hear deals were closed post-event.

MarketConnect is now seeking another innovator to help in Q2 2023. It’s not a free service, but the business we put together seriously amplifies the innovator – in fact, we review the company using our own rubric before we move forward. So far from where we sit, we’ve already assisted multiple big brand deals. If interested or if you have an innovative company you’d like to us to examine send us a note.