ISTA-PSTI Announce Content Creator Search For Sports Innovation & Technology Publishing Strategy

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Today the association and its institute begin a long-term strategy to offer quarterly market analysis in its strategy to attract sports executives, sports commissions, local municipalities, and investors interested in trend analysis effecting sports innovation methodologies and sports technology product markets.

ISTA has launched a search for part-time content creator role(s) to publish a quarterly digest this year. The digest will cover valuable trends and market events through a technologist lens. The digest will be priced for businesses, targeting an audience of c-level executives, investors, and sports analysts. We seek respected opinions, analysis, or commentary styled in short form article. The quarterly publication will attempt to answer the who what when where and why regarding technical happenings, product reviews, and market news effecting the sector and its various segments.

ISTA defines the sportstech sector in eleven ancillary sub-segments under three core areas. The primary core areas are fan technologies, brand technologies, and athlete technologies. With only four publications a year the organization hopes to slowly build its expertise in market research and market behaviors to attain its long term publishing goal.

An experienced content team will execute an ambitious multi year goal to develop a book called, “The Sports Technologist Handbook”. The handbook will be a desk or field reference guide for anyone who works with fan, brand, or athlete technologies in sport. The handbook covers a Body of Knowledge which the trade association and its institute have been working on since the organization’s inception. Content authors have begun to lineup for various chapters.

If you are a skilled observer, a grounded analyst, or trend spotting visionary – we want to hear from you for paid writing engagements. [email protected]