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Your global trade organization offers opportunities to collaborate in a consultative peer-driven structure as – Board Partners. With well-defined, ethics first, empowerment philosophies, Board Partners are celebrated beyond traditional volunteers. We design, lead, or support programs that directly impact the stability of sports technology and the innovation pipelines that fuel tomorrow. 

Throughout our nearly ten year history, the trade association has offered low cost access to a wide range of trade programs, learning courses, and career opportunities. Pioneer new ideas to resolve complex issues effecting our industry – together. 

Growth Requires Your Leadership

We're holding a lane with your name on it. Join the race.

The trade association offers entrepreneur-led economic development services, workforce education initiatives, global trade programs, and collaboration channels to increase the speed of business. Whether you are with a government organization, regional accelerator, league or federation – perhaps a fledgling startup? Industry collaboration starts here.

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Education Board

Our technology education efforts are influenced by an appointed board. Human resource professionals, tenured faculty, and education administrators advise our institute regarding frameworks, coursework, assessments, and accreditation. The education board contributes to credential development.

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Innovation Board

The innovation board solves global marketplace challenges by developing new channels for sourcing and sharing innovative methods or tools. The innovation board is appointed biannually and has control of a dozen seats dedicated to rights holders, brand properties, and select influencers who drive market trends.     

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Commercial Board

The commercial board has internal by-laws providing appointed leaders with election options for semi-autonomous program services or events. Your global commercial board is the voice for tech vendors, product manufacturers, tech suppliers, technical consultants, and relevant event organizers.  

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Executive Board

The executive board is our primary strategic management group. Our board represents association and institute equity stakeholders or special advisors. Output from the executive board includes planning, research, and reporting designed to align all programs and services across the organization.

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Before You Become a Board Partner...

Board Partners are required to dedicate a small number of hours monthly, provide or create content, attend monthly or quarterly meetings, and accept our shared Code of Conduct as well as our Information Security Policy. Partners sign a formal agreement with the association.

Every board has a defined scope of work and each board seat may have a specific function. Boards may also elect to expand their ranks to foster mentorships or fellowships. 

You will need :

  • Take note of each boards function and inquire about their needs. We suggest contacting board chairs prior to application.
  • Update your online presence such as LinkedIn. Then, find and fully complete the application to submit your interest. No resume required.
  • A nonrefundable $50 USD application fee is a required initiation fee. The fee is designed to maintain value for our boards.

Annual Selection Timeline

  Timelines   Decision  
    Annual Open       Jan. 1st-Feb.1st       Feb.2nd       
    Interviews     Feb.1st-Feb.7th Feb.8th
 Selection     Feb.8th-Feb.15th        Mar. 8th

Board Partner Eligibility

We prioritize candidates based on current employment status. However, we also believe in diversity of thought and value senior management experiences from former sports industry. Our selected partners influence peers about technologies or innovation from three foundational segments: fan, brand, or athlete segments, including entrepreneur-led economic develop via accelerators or incubators. All interests are encouraged to submit an application or contact us.   

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Board Benefits & Perks

Selected board partners contribute their networks and skills to our global trade and education programs. All board partners are incentivized by investments, new program leadership, unique incentive packages, and media strategies to enhance reputations.

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